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Trusted by Police, Fire, Emergency Professionals and The Public Since 1983

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Inventory Updated: Tuesday March 24th, 2020

WELCOME TO - Southwest Public Safety would like to thank ALL of our Public Safety Professionals who risk their lives everyday for our security & freedom. Our US Military, Police, Sheriff, Fire, EMS & Rescue Professionals help make this country safe for all of us.

Thank you for visiting, we are the largest stocking distributor of emergency vehicle & police equipment in the US. We have been outfitting police, fire & rescue, EMS and construction vehicles since 1983.

Browse our online store where you can find our top-of-the-line, trusted brands such as Whelen Engineering, Code 3, Public Safety Equipment, Able 2, Sho-Me, Streamlight, Pelican, Collins Dynamics, Havis, Golight, Pro-Gard, Go Rhino & More.

For over 38 years we are the first choice for our Public Safety Professionals and the equipment they can rely on.

Southwest Public Safety has the best, most competitive prices on the internet for Police, Fire & Rescue, EMS, and Construction professionals. Through our 35+ year experience as vendors and installers, we carry only the top and most trusted brand names in the industry such as: Able 2, Whelen, Code 3, Federal Signal, Streamlight, Havis, SoundOff Signal, NightStick, Safariland, Troy Products, Jotto Desk, Nebo Tools, WatchGuard, Safety Vision, Stalker, Steck, Go Rhino, Go Industries, Lund Industries, Pro-Gard, OPS Public Safety, Star Warning, Nova, Roadside Safety Supply.

Southwest Public Safety sell used reconditioned Police Cruisers and Utility fully equipped with emergency vehicle equipment. We can deliver a completely outfitted, ready for patrol, reconditioned vehicle with all the necessary emergency equipment. LED lights, LED lightbars, directional arrows stick, LED dash grille, visor lights, siren & speakers, light controls spotlight, consolidator console, partitions, gun rack, trunk organizer, waterproof pelican case, stinger or strion flashlight, wig-wag headlight flasher, remote hide-a-way strobes, push bumper, reflective graphics kits. We ship police cars & equipment anywhere in the US. A secure server handles all orders placed through our on-line catalog.

South West Public Safety is the largest stocking distributor for Streamlight Professional Tactical Flashlights in the US. stocks the complete line of military, police, fire, search & rescue lights like the C4 & High Lumen HL LED Strion, LED Stinger, XT, HP, PolyStinger LED, Ultrastinger, SL-20XP, SL-20X, SL-35X, Twin-Task TL, NightFighter NF, NFPA Litebox, LED Stylus 3, Reach, 3C, 4AA, 2AA, C4 L.E.D. Propolymer, Scorpion, UL Listed Division 1 & 2 Survivor, M3, M4, M5, M6 tactical gun mounted lights, Vulcan, C4 LED Jr., Septor, Trident headlight, WOW, TopSpot 2 headlamp, StingerDS LED, Sidewinder, Multi-Ops, CuffMate, KeyMate & ClipMate clip on LEDs. We also stock all the bulbs, lamps, battery sticks, PiggyBack fast chargers, cradles, AC home & DC car lighter cords, traffic wands, & infrared lenses.

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