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Whelen Automotive - LED, Strobe Lights & Sirens

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Shop the Whelen Store at SWPS! Engineering sets the industry standard for Strobe & LED technology. is an Authorized Master Distributor for Whelen Automotive Products.

We carry the full line of Whelen Engineering Automotive Products. If you don't see the Whelen Product you are looking for, please contact our Equipment Sales Department or call us at 800-666-6200.

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SWPS specializing in installation of all Whelen emergency equipment. Over 100 year of combined install experience and knowledge of Whelen's full line of lights and sirens.

Whelen Dash/Deck & Visor lights include the Avenger™, Dominator™, Flatlighter™, Slim-Miser™, SlimLighter™ and SpitFire™ ION™ series.

Whelen lightheads are available is many sizes. The ION™ Mini T-Series™, Micron™ TIR3™, LIN3™, LINZ6™, LINV2™, V-Series™ and ION™ are smaller in size and often used for grill lights, bumper lights rear hatch lights and in spaces where a small footprint is required.

Whelen Hide-A-Way are the perfect lights for undercover vehicles. Vertex™ can be surface mounted with a flange kit or mount them in the head lights or tail light housing for bright corner warning lighting. Vertex™ Super-LED® Light are available in several models. VTX609*, VTX609#, VTXD609*, VTXD609#, VTX3609*, VTX3609#, VTXFB, VTXFC, XTX609#, XTX609*, XTXD609*, XTXD609#

Whelen M Series Strip-Lite™, Strip-Lite™ Plus XL and Surfacemax™ are often used on Fire Apparatus, Brush Trucks, EMS First Responders, Ladder Trucks, Pumper Trucks and Ambulance's mounted on the body. They are larger in size and typically have many larger LED's Several models comply with NFPA standards.. They are offered in multiple sizes and color options. Call or email our sales team for help picking out the right light head for your application.

Whelen Pioneer™ Series are offered in several sizes and configurations. Pioneer™ Series are used for scene lighting fire trucks and environment vehicles to light up a large work area around the vehicle.

Whelen has a large selection of sirens and light controllers. From basic sirens to complex control systems, they have a siren for your application. Models include CenCom Core™, CenCom Carbide™, CenCom Sapphire™, 295SSA, 295SDA , 295SLS, 295HFS Hands-Free Sirens, Alpha™, Beta™, Epsilon™, HHS Series, Gamma™ and several speaker options. Siren are used by Police Fire and EMS for audible warning of emergency vehicles. Our sales team can help pick the models best for your application.
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